4*2m customized coffee & bread kiosk with laminate finish for sale

4*2m customized coffee & bread kiosk with laminate finish for sale

4*2m customized coffee & bread kiosk with laminate finish for sale

Are you ready to start your own business? Are you looking for a good location in the mall? Do you hope to have a unique kiosk? Opening a mall coffee kiosk is a very nice ideas to make money. Today, I would like to introduce a customized frozen coffee & bread kiosk to you. It is quite beautiful and popular. Let us appreciate it together.

Description of the coffee & bread kiosk

Firstly, we will use plywood to build the kiosk body. In order to hide the defects on the surface of the wooden cabinet, we will grind and fill it. Then make a surface treatment. And the surface material is laminate. This makes the kiosk look natural and elegant. This coffee showcase layout is made by our customer’s idea, which can better display the showcase and food.

As we can see the design images of coffee showcase, there is a acrylic logo and a light box with a poster on the outside of the front counters. And there are three glass display cabinets for food on the front. While on back side, there is a mesh partition. It can well separate the showcase from the outside. And you can place some machines on the counter. The color of the coffee kiosk is brown, grey, and wood color. We can change the color to your favorites.

Design images showing

coffee showcasecoffee stand

How to make a kiosk from us

First, you should let us know what size, style, and layout of coffee showcase. And we can help you put some machines you need in the right place. Then we start designing. After our designer completed the design, you need to check the design carefully. If you have some changes, we can modify better.

Finally, you will get a suitable and unique coffee kiosk. Then our skillful workers will build the kiosk based on the confirmed drawing. And we will take photos to you. Let you know the all production process and production time of kiosk.

If you need a special and beautiful coffee kiosk, please contact us on time. We are always ready to help you.