Retail high-end custom wooden mall perfume kiosk for sale

Retail high-end custom wooden mall perfume kiosk for sale

       In our daily life, in fact, perfume is very popular. Many young people will have the habit of spraying perfume after entering the society. especially, girls, they like it more the smell of perfume.

     Today we will introduce to you the specific use of perfume! In fact, there are mainly three methods of use, and the first method is the seven-point method. That is to say, find seven positions on your body, and then smear. Generally speaking, the seven-point method can occur in chemical reactions or can occur. It does not destroy the original taste of the perfume. Then the second method is the spray method, that is, we spray the perfume into the air before putting on clothes, and then the spray range is very wide. At this time, we are standing on the fragrance mist surface. Then it tastes good at this time. Method of spraying perfume The third method is also a very simple method, which is to apply a light perfume on your wrists and knees. In general, this method is also very common.

    Well after knowing some knowledge about the perfume, let’s focus on the above attractive mall perfume kiosk for sale. this design which our France customer. its whole size is 12*12ft. it is made of white and black MDF baking paint with stainless steel. as we can see it is a very classic and creative design, right? once the drawings come out. that customer are very fond of it.

  do you also like the same design like this one ?  or if you have any other different ideas.

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