Hot design retail custom mall candy display kiosk for sale

Hot design retail custom mall candy display kiosk for sale

As we know , candy is a very important food for different occasions like festivals and parties. Candy is both good and bad for people’s health. As long as you take it in moderation, it is good for the human body to grasp the best time to eat good sugar.

For example, 1.when you take a bath, you need to sweat and consume a lot of energy, you need to add water and calories, and you can use sugar to prevent prolapse.

2. When you exercise, you need to consume heat. Sugar can provide heat faster than other foods.

3. When you are tired and hungry, sugar can be quickly absorbed Increase blood sugar;

4.when dizziness and nausea, eating some sugar can raise blood sugar to stabilize emotions, which is beneficial to return to normal; eating sweet food after meals can make people refreshed and energetic

5.when studying and working. Today I would like to share one of our hot design candy display kiosk for sale to you.

This customer comes from South Africa. he has a retail clothing shop the size around 30 square meters. and now he just wants to add a small candy kiosk into his clothing shop. in order to make his small shop more colorful and eyecatching. in this way, it will help him attract more customers to his shops. after we talk a while for his request. our designs is based on his shop style and spare space .this candy kiosk size is 12*10 ft . the main color is white and is match his clothing shop styles. actually, if you have any other ideas our designer can custom a new drawing for you.

How to order with our candy kiosk ?

If you love the kiosk-style and interesting build candy kiosk-like it, just need to contact our sales, tell them your shop location size, your ideas about this kiosk,  then we can make a new design for this kiosk to you, can put all of your ideas on this kiosk build. 

1. Send us a inquiry, our sales will contact you Within  24 hours ,talk details with our sales and tell us all of your ideas about this kiosk build.

2. Make 3 D design for this kiosk to you.  2-3 days finished the design and send it to you for confirmed, if you have more ideas about the design, we can modify it for free. 

3. After confirming the design, our designer starts a construction plan for this kiosk. then send it for your confirmed. 

4. Payment 50 % deposit. start production it according to 3 D design and construction plan. delivery is 15-18 workdays.

5, Take finish pictures for your check,  payment balance, packing and shipment to you.