hot dog kiosk | America big red boat shape hot dog kiosk customize special food showcase

hot dog kiosk | America big red boat shape hot dog kiosk customize special food showcase

Looking at the title, have you ever imagined what it would look like? Boat shape hot dog kiosk? It is very cute. Speaking of hot dogs and kiosk, we’re all familiar. The kiosk is the best tool for selling hot dog in the mall. A good kiosk can attract many customers for us. How to start an attractive hot dog kiosk? First, we need to make a 3D design. So we can confirm more details. Let’s look at this boat shape kiosk design.

Product details

This kiosk is as much a boat as a car. Both sides are designed as arcs, this requires a lot of workmanship. The round logo can act as a wheel. It looks cool. The awning on top is designed to allow it to be used outdoors. Kiosk front inside have a display freezer, sink and cash counter. This display area. Back side is a working counter. Client area and work area are separated by a glass. Ensure hygiene and safety. In fact, customers prefer a place to rest rather than eat on the go, so seat design is great. So the probability that the customers will come is a little bigger.

When confirm the design, we need to sent it to your mall for approval. After got approval, we can start the production. Big red glossy baking paint makes it look gorgeous. Match with white can highlight red more. This kiosk basic material is MDF (medium-density fibreboard), and surface finish is baking paint. After layers of processing, just let the kiosk look so exquisite. This type is very popular in America. But i am sure it’s popular everywhere.

We are the direct factory, so your request can be communicated directly. We are not traders, we provide the most authentic services and prices. Our company also have a strict quality control department. The quality of all goods is subject to inspection. We also will take video to you, you can see the finished product before you receive it. Production time is about 28 days when we confirm all the drawing. Transport time is about one month, It depends on the shipping company.


Do you like this kiosk or our work ? If you like it, we can design it to meet your business. Keep the same shape but change the inside layout. As long as you like, we can adapted according to your requirements. Our price is based on the size, material and style. If you want to know the price details, you can contact us and tell us the size you want to do and your requirements, then we will give you estimated price. The exact price is depends on the final design. So please contact us when you have any questions. You are always welcome to customize our products.

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