Arc shape sunglasses display cabinet contact lenses kiosk in mall

Arc shape sunglasses display cabinet contact lenses kiosk in mall

Good morning, do you have sunglasses? To go out in the hot sun, we can choose to wear glasses to reduce the damage to our eyes. Or we can wear it when we go to the beach. For drivers, sunglasses are very necessary, they can ensure our good eyesight when necessary. which can greatly ensure our safety in driving. Sunglasses also looks very cool. Do you know where that sell glasses? The most common estimate is the store. Some store only sell sunglasses and glasses and some store sell more than one product at a time, such as boutique store. Today i want to share is other selling method. It’s use kiosk to display the sunglasses. You’ve seen too many kiosks. Today this kiosk is not a regular kiosk, it’s semi-curved. Let’s look at its pictures first.

It looks very cool like sunglasses. It have special shape there is have a lot of display space. The front have some mirrors, people can them with sunglasses on. There are three computers on display at the counter. It can inquiry information and also work. The front cabinet body is the publicity pictures of some models. This kiosk is very prominet, you can tell at a glance what it’s selling. Cabinets also have a lot of storage space. You can keep a doggy bag or a stock of sunglasses.This type is very popular.

Do you want to make a sunglasses kiosk? Do you have your ideas? If you get the place from your mall, you can find us to design a similar one kiosk. Tell us what size you want and all your requirements. We are customize company,we can help you customize your kiosk. Make sure build the kiosk you like. This above pictures can be used as your reference. You can do the same one or according to your requirments to make a similar one.

The mirrors, propaganda poster we will set them up to you. Of course you light logo or some light box posters. You don’t need to install them because they are individual. Some kiosks need to install when they arrived, but it’s very easy. Just put them together and connect the mall power supply, it can work.

This kiosk we use MDF and glossy baking paint. Material can be modified according to the requirements of the mall, kiosks are usually made of this material. there will be no problem. If you have any questions, please contact us.