Mall Candy Stall | Attractive hot sale food candy mall kiosk for Christmas

Mall Candy Stall | Attractive hot sale food candy mall kiosk for Christmas

Do you like candys ? I belive it is the children’ and girls’ we know the annual Christmas and Spring Festival are coming soon.this time of year is the peak season for candy sales,right ? so do you have any plan to do some candy business .

today I like to share one of our newest candy mall kiosk design for your reference .

I know you must like candy very much but do you really know more knowledge about the candy or sweets ?

Candy is a kind of confectionery, which refers to a snack with sugar as the main ingredient. If the fruit or nut food is coated with sugar, it is called you also know its varieties ?

Candy can be divided into hard candy, hard candy, cream candy, gel candy, polished candy, gum candy, aerated candy and tablet candy.

Ok, let’s talk the detials of this candy mall kiosk .how do you think of this design when you fist impressiom ? Is it very shining and attractive and very dazzling ,right ? yes , of course for candy mall kiosk design look , our designer team can pay more attention for each customers.becaused it is the first impression to show your products and your brand to your customers. in this way it will help you attractive more and more regular customers for your booth.

About its size is 10*15ft ,it is made of MDF with pink,why we use MDF – Because MDF surface is very smooth, it is easy to make a variety of bright paint colors, so that your cabinet colorful and white baking paint, .for the design we based made design based the customer request. he asked the main color is pink, white and green. on one side there is mainly for display the different candies with acrylic box . each layer with led lights . it looks very attractive.and on the other size . we helped to design a working counter and storage cabinet . Do you like the same design as this candy mall kiosk design .if you have any ideas and questions you can feel free to contact us . our team will offer the best solution to you based on your request.