Australia eyebrow tinting display kiosk beauty salon stand

Australia eyebrow tinting display kiosk beauty salon stand

Australia eyebrow tinting display stand beauty salon kiosk

Everyone has a love for beauty. With the progress of society, after meeting the material needs, we began to pursue spiritual enjoyment. We started to think of ways to get rid of our own shortcomings, such as to do beauty, or double eyelids to make ourselves look more beautiful. When shopping, we can see the increasing number of beauty shops, But beauty does not necessarily need a shop. When we shopping in the mall, we can also see that there are many kiosks. One of them is a beauty salon kiosk. Their beauty program usually has eyelashes extension, eyebrow threading, and so on. Today I’d like to introduce you to a beauty salon stand that is going to Australia.

We can see that the layout inside is very simple, one side is the work area, and the other is the customer rest area. Next to the work area is the cash register and next to the rest area is a sink. Spotlights and bulbs are installed next to the mirrors in the work area, which can facilitate our work and provide lighting. Lightbox paintings, logos, and menus can be installed on the outside of the kiosk, which is also a kind of decoration.


Size: 4x3m

Basic Material: MDF

Surface Finish: Baking paint

Light: Ball bulb, bent lamp

Sink: Stone, stainless steel

Logo: Lightbox logo, Acrylic logo

Others: Mirrors, lock, key, leather cushion

If you also want to build a beauty salon stand, you can tell me your mall space size, then we can according to your business to design the kiosk. Then you can send the design to the mall for approval. After approval, we can start production. We have our designer and factory, you can finish the whole kiosk here. The design fee is 300usd, we will provide the 3d design and construction drawing. The kiosk will be designed until you are satisfied. Our production time is about 28 working days. When finishing production, we can ship it to your country.

If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.

Cathy Zhang


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