Phone Cards Kiosk | Australia Sydney Airport cellphone cards self-service display cabinet

Phone Cards Kiosk | Australia Sydney Airport cellphone cards self-service display cabinet

Hello, today i want to introdce a very gorgeous cabinet. You can also see from the title that it’s a self-service cabinet. Like self-service juice machine. People can pick up the card they want and don’t need monitoring. Very easy and convenient. Let’s look at its design.

This cabinet look very simple, just a whole cabinet and display unit. It with a TV, it can display information about the cards. Inside cabinet is some logo light box posters and led light. The back is an aluminum groove plate, it can put many hooks to hold the cards. If people are interested in this cards, they can just get the card. This cabinet have 3 drawer, they can store things.


Such a simple cabinet, the craft is much more difficult than other cabinets. This cabinet size is 2.8×1.05m. The whole cabinet is made of iron. Can you imagine how heavy it is? Because it’s too big, we use two pieces of iron. And connect them together. It’s not easy. The most important thing is its surface treament. We have to make it look like a design or even more beautiful. This cabinet’s surface finish is powder coat. This is a very safe way to handle it, and it looks very good. After finish this cabinet body, we need to install the light letters, light box posters,led light and the TV. We need to connect all the circuits and we will do electrical tests to make sure all the lights are on.

Picture of real products are really nice. It look more beautiful and gorgeous than design pictures. Its touch is very good. The quality is guaranteed. It’s very durable. If you have seen it, you will like it. If you have to go to Sydney international airport, you can look at it. Maybe you can find a cellphone card you like. Lol, ok, let’s see some photos.

It looks very popular, whatever cards or the cabinet. To be honest, this knid of cabinet is the right choice for displaying cards. Because of its design and application. We have modified the design of this cabinet at least 10 times. Finally, we designed it as it’s now, and it always needs to go through layers of modification to get the best. This is the most beautiful design and production.

If you are interested in this cabinet, if you also want to make a similar one. You can contact us. This craft of this cabinet is more complicated, So the production time is about one month. Price is based on the final design. If you want more details, please contact us.