Australian jewelry store furniture design and production

Australian jewelry store furniture design and production

Hi, welcome to our website. Today I have something nice to share again. Look at the title, you will know what is the good products today. A jewelry store is familiar to everyone. It always looks expensive and clean. Do you know what is the most important thing in a jewelry store? It must be a display cabinet. Display cabinets can be a plus for your store and your jewelry. So, first of all, it has to be well designed. We can design suitable furniture according to the size of the store. The collision of furniture and color can be according to the owner’s requirements. Let’s look at this jewelry store interior design.

The main style of this jewelry store is gold, which matches the jewelry perfectly. It is basically a single glass display. This ship size is 7080x5200mm. It is not that big a size. The middle is some cabinets, you can store your products or put some tools. The cabinets we made of metal frame and MDF body, surface finish is baking paint. The price is based on the quality and its style and size. If you want to design your shop, you can send me your shop floor plan. Then we will according to your requirements to design it.

Why do you choose us

1.Design: we have an excellent design team to help you make the unique design style you want and only you provide us the floor plan or the pics. And we have a long cooperation with a European design company to meet foreign design requirements.

2.Quality: we have 10 years’ experience to make the displays.we have formed the strict quality control system to ensure good quality.

3.Reputation: we are honest with our clients and try our best to service for them from A to Z.And we have many experiences with famous brands, such as LAKA.

4.Price: we have our own factory so you can save your cost because of the decrease in the intermediate channel.

5.Transportation: Before shipping, we will pack them with foam inside and wood crate outside to produce the products from damage during the transportation and meanwhile, we will provide door to door transportation service.

Production photos

We are a customized company, we can design your shop according to all your requirements. If you have any questions, you can contact us. Before design, you need to pay 500 USD design deposit, when we place an order, it will return to your balance payment. Your inquiry is welcome.