Ballon New product mobile kiosk prices

Ballon New product mobile kiosk prices


FAQ of  New product kiosk for sale:

  • All of inside equipments can be modified according to your requirement.
  • Manufacturer for 15 years in China
  • Customized service by your requirements
  • Professional designer to help you
Usage of mobile street kiosk/truck/van/trolley:

1) Product: vending carts, ice cream vending cart, hotdog vending carts, food vending carts, mobile street kiosk carrt for sale, mobile vending house, vending kiosk, vending booths. vending stall

2) Material: steel frame, solid wood

3) Color: more colors available for carts/vans.

4) Movable

5) This mobile vending kiosk  generally used on street, shopping mall, park, square and all public palces, which is strong enough.

Packing of mobile/street kiosk:
Item NO.                       Description                                             Size MEAS