Beautiful glasses shop wooden display cabinet for sale

Beautiful glasses shop wooden display cabinet for sale

NYS style mall sunglass display kiosk design for sale

We all know that glasses are very popular because many people need it. We can often see people around us wearing glasses, whether they are elderly or children. The proportion of students is much higher. Because learning and work lead to myopia, we cannot see things far away. At this time, we need to wear glasses to correct our vision. We can see a lot of optical shops in the street. They not only sell prescription glasses but also sunglasses and contact lenses. Girls love beauty, so most girls wear contact lenses. So, what is the style of the optical shop? Today I will show you a beautiful glasses shop.


The furniture in these beautiful glasses shop looks unique, and the wooden furniture looks stronger and more attractive. Many optical shops will choose such display furniture. They can be installed on the wall or on the floor. A mirror can be placed next to each display furniture so that customers can know what they look like when they wear glasses, and it is convenient for them to buy.

How do we get beautiful glasses shop design and furniture?

  • If you have a shop and want to start it, then you can contact us and send us your shop floor plan. You can tell me what is your business, we can according to your business and your requirements to design your shop. We have a professional designer, they can help us to finish your shop design. And I am sure you can get a satisfactory design here. Our design fee is 500-800usd for a shop. When we place an order, it will be returned to you.
  • When confirming the design and the construction drawing, we will give you the price list. You can see the prices for all the furniture and decorations. Then you need to pay 50% order deposit. We start production. Production time is about 28 working days.
  • During the production, we will take you photos or video, you can track your goods all the time. When finish all the goods, you need to pay 50% balance payment. Then we will arrange the shipment. We can ship the goods to your port or door to door. You can give me your address. The delivery time is based on your nearest port.

If you still have any questions, please contact us for more details.

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