Best Coffee kiosk in the mall for sale / square food kiosk

Best Coffee kiosk in the mall for sale / square food kiosk

Best Coffee kiosk in the mall for sale / square food kiosk

Coffee is a fashionable drink. Not only does it taste unique, but it is also rich in nutrients. In general, people like to have a cup of coffee half an hour after breakfast and lunch. Because it makes them extra relaxed and refreshing. And drinking a cup of coffee before exercising will help you lose weight. So many people like to drink coffee. And many businesses want to start a coffee business with a coffee kiosk.

In order to attract more customers and increase profits,  people usually choose customize a coffee kiosk. Now I would like to introduce to you a high quality coffee kiosk in the shopping mall.

Description of coffee showcase

This is a 3m by 3m coffee kiosk with a top. The front side is a cash register, round logo, three poster light boxes and a work counter with a stone countertop. And there is a machine and a glass display cabinet for food on the counter. The right side is the seating area for customers. This seating area includes a bar, five chairs and several chandeliers. You can enjoy the coffee and chat with your friends here. It is very relaxing.

The back side is a sink and some machines. You can put coffee machine, grinder, electronic scale, etc. here. Meanwhile, we make a large poster board between the countertop and the top. This can easily catch pedestrians’ eyes. And there is a circular coffee logo on three sides of the top. Besides, you can put some machines and items under the counter. It is quite convenient and practical. The below is the 3D design images of this kiosk.

coffee showcase

Do you like the above coffee showcase? And do you have intention to make a coffee kiosk like this? Just feel free to tell us all of your ideas. We will make a design first for you according to your ideas. Then manufacture your favorite coffee kiosk for you when you confirmed the design.