Best manufacturer in China made nail kiosk at low price in mall

Best manufacturer in China made nail kiosk at low price in mall

Best manufacturer in China made nail kiosk at low price in mall

Manicures are becoming more and more popular nowadays, especially for girls. They all like to make manicure at the mall. Because it makes their fingers look beautiful and very personal. Do you like making manicure? Are you going to open a nail kiosk at the mall? And do you hope your nail showcase to be more beautiful and attractive? If so, customizing a nail showcase would be a good choice.

If this is your first business and your first custom nail showcase, the following details about custom nail kiosk will help you.

Details about custom nail kiosk

After you have negotiated with the mall manager and got the location size, you need to find a reliable custom supplier. Ukiosks will be a good choice for you. Welcome to contact us at will.

When you contact our sales staff, please feel free to tell us all of your requirements about the nail kiosk. Including what size of showcase you need, what style of showcase you like, if you need to add logo and so on.

After confirming all requirements, we recommend to make a 3D design first. So that you can clearly view the real appearance of nail showcase in the design. And the design needs 300usd. But it will deduct from the total cost when you place an order. Actually, our design is free.

When we received the design fee, our designer start designing for you. And it will take 3-5 working days. Of course, if you have somewhere need to change for the design, we also modify it for you soon.

After you confirmed the design, we will make the construction drawing for you. It will show you more details about this nail kiosk. Such as exact size, materials, circuit diagram, etc. Until you confirm the construction drawing, we can start production. And before it, you need to pay 50% production deposit.

During the production, we will take photos and videos to show you all details of production process directly. After finishing production, we will install and pack the kiosk. At the same time, you need to prepare 50% balance. After you paid it, we will help you arrange the delivery.

These are the details about custom a nail showcase. And here is a stylish nail kiosk can be for your reference.

Stylish nail showcase

nail showcase

This is a nail showcase designed according to the requirements of one of our American customers. At her request, we set up 5 nail tables, a cash register and a multi-layer wooden display counter for her on the front side. And behind the cash register are two sink counters with mirrors.

In addition, our customer also provide pedicure services. So we set up two chairs for pedicure service at the two corners behind the kiosk. In particular, there is a rest area outside the nail showcase. Also, it includes some logos and light boxes to catch people’s eyes.

nail shopnail store

When we finished this nail kiosk design, our customer like it very much. Do you like it? And do you want to make a special nail showcase like this? Please contact us soon when you need. We can customize it for you based on your demands.