Best quality New Design Espresso Coffee Kiosk 16*9 feet

Best quality New Design Espresso Coffee Kiosk 16*9 feet


ood booth/hut/showcase/display store for sale 
Custom food booth design for sale 
1)plywood,glass,led light for free 


 This Coffee Kiosk is a fantastic job furnitures of cafe store, a compact unit with conceals functional system storage, equipment station, work stations. Advanced fabrication design make the maximum use of the kiosk space, and high efficient portfolio.

This designs and materials of this kiosk are with GGP’s review and approval. 
1. Wheels:
      Four small wheels are convenient to push by hands

2. Carcass:
    The wall frame is B1 grade plywood, 
    The exterior wood grain Formica Laminate, 
   The interior is 18mm plywood; 
   The inner surface is white laminate.

   Big selling counters in the front
   1* business cash counter 
   1* door in the other side
   1* hand wash sink counter
   In the back counter there is large storage space for freezer, machines, with back splash board on the top.
   Fine designed Menu board placed on the countertop.
   It is ok for us to letting a seat empty in front counter for cake display, coffee maker, freezer, prep-table, and refrigerator.

3.  Toe kick:  
      4″—6″ height hard wood toe kick, B1 standard, treated with stainless steel edge 
    To be hard, durable, high quality and water resistant, such as metal or laminate.  

4. Electric System:
    Lighting device, multi-function sockets, switches, leakage protector and external cables avai