Best selling juice bar kiosk with coffee counter design in mall

Best selling juice bar kiosk with coffee counter design in mall


Hey , friends . are you still looking for juice bar kiosk . are you worry about can’t find a direct supplier and a exquisite design ? i think you’re right find us here ,  we are a direct manufacturer mainly do customized more than ten years , we can design and customized depend on personal requirement. below is a popular mall fresh juice bar kiosk views. 



1.Basic information about this juice bar kiosk .


As you see this juice bar kiosk ,can for selling juice , coffee , ice cream etc . mainly tone is white . matach a little fresh green . basic material is fire retardant MDF , surface is baking painting finished . white man made stone worktop .wooden counter with cabinet and lock .stainless steel toe kick . 


The front part of this juice kiosk with a small cashier counter . stainless steel topping with glass cover . the back sides with a long counter mainly for put juice machine , coffee machine fridge etc . the right sides have a  single stainless steel sink .  you will notice the outside backsides with a small bar counter with five bar chair . customer and waiting and rest here , it’s very comfortable .




2. how can i build a special juice bar kiosk like this ?


Size :

such as this kiosk size is 4000X3000mm , But this is not a uniform standard , it depend on your location space size .Even if your position is an irregular space, we can customize a comfortable kiosk for you .


Color :

  • 1) any color is ok.  we also can help you suggest , usually white is a good choose , if you want selling juice , ice cream , you can try choise bright color , if whole kiosk for selling coffee , brown and wood grain will be looks better .
  •  2) can make whole kiosk matched with your logo color.