Black mobile phone accessories display kiosk in the shopping mall

Black mobile phone accessories display kiosk in the shopping mall

Shopping mall mobile phone accessories display kiosk

Hello, welcome to our website. Maybe the first time you come in, you don’t know what we do. We are a custom company, we mainly make shopping mall kiosks and store display cabinets. All of our products are designed and customized according to our customer’s requirements. So if you have space in the mall, and you want to make a kiosk. You can tell me about your mall size and your requirements. Then we will according to your size and your requirements to design the kiosk. The kind of mall kiosks is very much, more common should be jewelry kiosks and mobile kiosks. Today I want to introduce the kiosk is a mobile phone accessories display kiosk. Let’s take a look at its picture first.


This type is the regular four-sided shape. There are glass display on the outside. Some are trapezoidal display cabinets, some are aluminum trough plate display cabinet. The exhibition space is very large. People can visit and make choices outside. Some display cabinets can have your logo on them to let people know about your brand.

This kiosk’s size is about 5x3m. The material we use MDF and baking paint.  Glass use tempered glass, and each display cabinets all have lock and key. It can keep your products safe. If you don’t like this color, you can choose the one you like. This is a very common type, we can see many similar kiosks in the mall. Do you like it?I think you must be interested in the mobile accessories kiosks, so you will see it here. After we sign the agreement with the mall, we should submit a design. This is a necessary step to get approval from the mall. You can tell us the size you get from your mall and any thoughts you have. We will help you to make the 3D design and construction drawings. You can see all the details. Once get the approval, we will start the production.

About the design fee and the kiosk price. The design fee is 300USD when we place an order, it will return to you. So the design is free. The kiosk price is based on the final design. Or you can send me your favorite picture and the size, we can give you the estimated price. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to consult.