Canada eyebrow threading kiosk eyelashes extension service cabinet

Canada eyebrow threading kiosk eyelashes extension service cabinet

Hello, everyone, welcome to our website. In our website, you can find many beautiful kiosks design. There’s always something you like. There are all knids of kiosks in the mall. Today’s main introduction is the beauty category. We know that girls from all countries love beauty. We cannot resist the temptation of beauty. Just like last time, my face is dry, so i want to go to the beauty salon for a skin care. After the end, they just have an activity, there are a lot of concessions, do eyebrows can also be a lot of money cheaper, so i did a beauty card. Because my eyebrows are very thin. So i want to get my eyebrows tattooed.

The quality of eyebrows can directly affect a person’s appearance and temperament. If you want to change your eyebrows, you can have them tattooed. If you cannot find a place to change your eyebrows, you can go to the mall nearby. It’s the easiest place to find it. There are many kiosks for people to serve. Such as eyebrow threading kiosk. This is very hot type kiosk. What i want to introduce to everybody today is mall eyebrow threading kiosk. It certainly has more to do than eyebrow threading. Such as eyelashes extension and make up.


This is one slants the eyebrow threading of red style.There have 3 workspaces, a cashier counter, sink and rest area. This kiosk is 10x10ft, this size is neither too big nor too small. All the necessities can be put down. Outside is logo and light box poster and TV. You can show your brand or peoducts , so people will know what’s your business and what knid of service do you provide. It is important to have a clean and goodlooking appearance, because people are often attracted by the appearance of the kiosk, which shows your professionalism.

It looks very nice right? Material we use MDF and baking paint, All accessories we will install. When you received the goods, you just need to put them together then connect the power supply, it will work. Very simple right? This kiosk is ship to Canada, kiosk price is about 6000USD. If you are ionterested in it, you can contact us and tell us your requirements. Then we will design it according to your requirements. Production time is about 25 days. Transportation time is about one month. So if you get the mall space, you can cintact us as soon as possible. We can make preparations in advance. If you have any questions, please contact us.