Retail candy store furniture candy store interior design for sale

Retail candy store furniture candy store interior design for sale

Retail candy store furniture/candy store display rack/candy store interior design for sale

This is a retail candy store with interior design, mainly for selling candy and cakes, please check following descriptions for a better idea, hope it can help to give some ideas for your retail candy store furniture and decorations.


Size for the candy store is about 6m by 4m, in a rectangle shape. Considering we will have a glass window and door, so we put two nice candy display showcase near the door area, this can help to attract customers when crossing your candy store, yes? Also in order to make the most use of inside shop space, we put candy display with candy containers and candy dispensers against to wall, also will have a candy display showcase in the middle of the store, how do you like it?

These are real production pictures for candy store furniture, main material is MDF, surface finished by glossing baking paint. For the middle display showcase, we will install a slat wall on it, so you can display packed candy food, on top of the display is a lightbox, you can put promoting products there, yes?



  1. size: 6m by 4m
  2. color: customize
  3. led light: each shelve will have led light hidden at the bottom
  4. skirting: stainless steel skirting
  5. candy container: usually suggest to use round angle acrylic candy container
  6. decoration: backlight logo

We are a professional store furniture manufacturer, have more than 10 years of experience. If you want to design your store, you can contact me and tell me your requirements. We can according to your store floor plan or size and your requirements to design your store and provide the furniture. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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