Wooden cell phone repair station | display accessories booth

Wooden cell phone repair station | display accessories booth

Wooden cell phone station | display accessories booth

Good morning\afternoon\evening, everyone. Welcome to our website. I am sure there will be something you want here. With the development of the times, business is not limited to the store. Even without a store, people can start their businesses. We can see many kind of stands in the mall. Whether it’s food, electronic or beauty. You can see that the mall is a very popular point of sale. The mobile phone industry is undoubtedly a very competitive the one of industry at present. We can see people selling mobile phone accessories or repairing mobile phones everywhere. But it’s a hot industry, so there’s a lot of demand. Today, let’s have a look at the cell phone station in the mall.


We can see the main services of this cell phone station are selling mobile phones, cellphone accessories and reparing mobile phones. Different area has different products. The back of intermediate workbench is aluminium groove board. It can put many hooks and show the cellphone cases. The side glass shows the phone and other accessories. You can put your logo and your services on the tall sign, people can know what you are doing and what you can offer. The main materials of this kiosk is plywood and laminate. It looks very nice. If you like this wood combination, you can tell us,we can design a similar one for you.

We are a custom company.We can design and cutsomize the mall station according to customer’s requirements. If you want to make the mall kiosk, you can contact us and tell us your requirements. When you get the location in the mall, they will ask you to submit the drawings of the station for their review, and when the reviews is approved, you can start production. We have met a lot of customers want the cell phone station, so it is really a popular product. So if you want to build a kiosk, we can work together. We can discuss all the details and the price. When we know your real needs, we can give you advice. So please contact us if you have any questions.

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