Garment Kiosk | Children’ s wear display kiosk gament customization cabinet

Garment Kiosk | Children’ s wear display kiosk gament customization cabinet

Good morning, everyonr. We all know that one of the hottest industries nowsdays is clothing sales.Because clothing is a necessity for everyone. Different seasons will buy different clothes, especially girls, they are one of the biggest interests is shopping for clothes. So the clothing business is very good. The clothing industrial has a wide range of sales methods, from brand stores to street stalls. Today’s main character is neither a specialty store nor a street stall, but shopping mall clothes kiosk. We know that shopping malls have all kinds of kiosks. The clothes kiosk is no exception. The advantage of it over the storefront is hat even if the customers do not enter the store, they can also know what you are selling and what are the clothes style. Mall passsenger flow is more, product exposure rate is big. So if you have a place in the mall, that’s something to celebrate. If ther is no place, you stille have to fight for the chance.OK, let’s get down to business.Take a look at the kiosk we are going to introduce today.


From the design, we can see this kiosk not just sell clothes, it can also sell lady’s handbag and high-heeled shoes. This is a scattered kiosk, It’s not a huddle of houselike kiosk. It consists of several parts. We can see the kinds of clothes clearly. This is a dresser for women’s wear. Install a TV at the counter, and a video display is better than a photo display. Design of clothes pole to hold more clothes. Light logo is used to develop the brand. All the products are clearly displayed.This is a more conventional design. These is as much room as possible to show the product.

If you’re still doing tailoring or clothing alterations. We can customize it according to your requirements and to meet your business. You can tell me what machine you have then we will design a space to it. Anyway, we can design the kiosk what you want. OK, let’s talk about the materials. The basic material we usually use MDF and baking paint. This material is very common to the mall kiosks. And very safe, this material is get approval from many malls. So don’t worry the materials. We all know many kiosks design need sent to the mall to get approval, we can make the design first. If the mall said need to change the layout or material, we will modify the design until it approved. Design need 300USD design deposit, when we place an order, it will deduct from your balance payment. So in here, design is free.

It is difficult for us to decide the price of something customized without design. Because the price is based on the size, material and style. When we finish the design, we will give you the exact price. We are export company, have more than 10 years experience. We can ship the goods to your country. No matter where you are. The production time of the kiosk is 28 days. If you have special situation, we will help you speed up the production.

Do you understand the process of the kiosk? If you are interested to make a kiosk,please contact us.