Classical white nail kiosk with hairdressing station in the mall on sale

Classical white nail kiosk with hairdressing station in the mall on sale

Classical white nail kiosk with hairdressing station in the mall on sale

Now, people are pursuing beauty higher and higher. Especially girls. They offen like to do hairdressing and manicure in the mall. So the hair salon kiosk and nail kiosk are becoming more and more popular.

3D design of nail kiosk

nail kiosk

Comfirming the its size is very important before making a nail showcase. The dimension of this nail kiosk is 4m by 2.5m in the design picture. In order to has good gloss, we use medium density fiberboard as the basic material. And then baking the white color paint as the surface treatment. And we make two black stripes decoration to make the showcase more special.

nail shop

In this nail showcase design images, there are four nail tables. Each nail table is double-sided. And we reserve the place for manicure lamps on the nail tables. Next to the nail tables is a cashier counter and two multilayer glass display cabinets. You can use these two glass cabinets to display your products. Like nail polish, shampoo, etc.

nail store

In addition, behind the nail tables are four hairdressing stations with illuminated mirrors and a pedicure chair. So this showcase can offer customers three services. They are manicure service, haircut service and pedicure service. What a versatile kiosk. Also, the orange light bar at the bottom makes the showcase brighter and more attractive.

The process of making a nail showcase design

Please tell us what size of nail kiosk you need, what style you prefer, if you have your logo and so on.

We will combine all your requirements to make a 3D design for you. And the design needs $300.

You will get the new design within 3-5 working days. And when you need to change the design, please tell us right away. We revise it for you in time.

After the design drawing is the construction drawings. When you comfirm them, you can submit the complete design drawings to the mall for approval.

Finally, when you place an order in our factory, the design deposit will refund to the total amount.


1.What is the production time of nail showcase?

Usually, making such a nail showcases will take 25-28 working days. And different size and style of the showcase has different production time.

2.Can you transport to the place I specify?

Yes, we can ship the showcase to the port you apoint or your exact address.

3.What if we don’t have our logo?

It doesn’t matter. You can send us some relevant pictures. And we will help you add them to the showcase.

4.How much does it takes to make a nail kiosk?

In generally, the price of nail kiosk is based on size, style and material. Please tell us all of demands of the showcase. So that we can make a design for you to comfirm the exact price.