Colorful candy store design attractive candy store interior display furniture

Colorful candy store design attractive candy store interior display furniture

Hi, Everyone. Reading the title, i am sure you’d like to know what the candy store looks like. When we think of candy, we think of children. Children like sweet and interesting things to look at. If you want to design a candy store. You should know that your main customers are children. You need to catch their attention. It can show your candy with colorful and cute models. For a candy store, design is very very important. The quality of the candy store’s business is depends on the design. As long as your design is attractive enough, there will be a lot of customers willing to pay attention. Then, how to design your shop? today i would like you share you an attractive candy store design. Let’s look some 3d design pictures.

First of all, the 2 candy cane models at the door are very eye-catching. This is also a very iconic thing. It means it’s a candy store. Whatever the store is, it has to have a very obvious sign, let people see it at a glance what is it for sale. The biggest advantage of using glass doors is that they allow customer to see the inside clearly. The store has a small slide which many children like. So when we design the braces, we talk into account the psychological activity of the children, and we know exactly what they like. This can then be added to the design as appropriate.

On both side of the slide are candy display racks. You can put lollipops on the top. In order to enrich the image of the display cabinet, we can make 2 big lollipop models at the top of cabinet. Against the wall are some display cases like little bear’s ears. We use different colors to make it look colorful. Children like colorful things very much, we can also use rainbows as decorations. There are still colorful signs on the wall.

This candy store looks small, but it is rich in content. Colorful shapes and colors can capture a children’s heart. Design is very important, of course the production process is also very important. We need to ensure that the production result is the same as the design pictures. We have to make it look better than design. Let’s look at the production photos.

This display cabinet we made of MDF and baking paint. The display effect was very good. In the shop and lighting rendering, will be more beautiful. What do you think of our design and production drawings? Don’t you think it’s good? We’ve done a lot of candy store before, so we know how to make an attractive design. We have more than 10 years experience in display furniture work. We know how to make the best of it and provide the nest service to our customers. If you have a shop and want to start business, please contact us to make a beautiful design to you and provide your with high quality products. We are professional shop furniture manufacturer, have our own factory and designer, you will love our work.