Creative style outdoor mobile coffee cart design for sale

Creative style outdoor mobile coffee cart design for sale

 Creative style outdoor mobile coffee cart design for sale


Detailed Description

Mobile coffee cart is used for vending fast food(ice cream,beverage,food,pizza etc.) in the street.
All kinds of cooking equipments can be installed,such as griddle,steamer,fryers,stainless steel store cabinet,water sinks ,grill,hot dog machine,sugar cane juicer,fridge etc.
Two or three people can stand inside for cooking.



   1)Double-layer color steel plates with thermal insulating layer inside; 

   2)One big sales window with folding sign board in front and one door. 

   3)Dry storage, Top side display area plus additional under counter dry storage; 

   4)Propane Tank: one 20lbs tank basket, Option for 2 tanks.


   non-slip flooring with drain, easy to clean up, 22mm composite plate.

Chassis and Frame:

   1)Integral steel frame construction and suspension components treated with 

     rust resistant protective coating.

   2)4 turn-out supports to level out uneven grounds.

   3)High visibility, tail light signal system; 

     Wheel: Double- axle; Tyres: 2x13C(2 sets) 

     Drawbar: tractor drawbar with safety ball headed coupling, One gas tank .

Water System:  

    Double cell sinks, hot and cold water taps, a fresh water tank, a waste water tank, Water pump with battery and on/of