Cupcake kiosk in Mall | customize attractive cake display counter bar

Cupcake kiosk in Mall | customize attractive cake display counter bar

Do you like cupcake? I am sure many people have eaten it. It is not complicated to make, many people can do it at home. So if you want to start a cupcake business, it’s very easy. You just need to find a good location to start your business. The best place i know is the mall. Because there is a lot of people. Product exposure is relatively high. When we have a location, we need a kiosk to help us work. Today i would like to share a mall kiosk. Let’s look at its function.


This one size is about 5x2m. Material is MDF and baking paint. It looka a bit like sandwich tray. This kiosk are sell cupcake, waffle crepe and coffee. So we can the inside have some coffee machine and waffle machine. The countertop is made of stone. You can put some finished product of cake, or some cake display shelf. In the front,it can put some display freezer to show your other products. Anyway, a kiosk can sell more than one product. You can display and sell whatever you have. Electrical power, we can install the socket, the mall to provide power. Cleaning the food, we can install the sink. If the mall has water, we can connect to the mall water, if not, we can provide the water system.

The material is not fixed. We can make it according to your or your mall’s requirements. Like the above kiosk. front side we use MDF and baking paint, and the back side we use 304 stainless steel. Before designning, we will read your mall’s guide to avoid mistakes. If there is any problem in the approval, don’t worry. Because the design drawing and construction drawing will be modified until they are approved, and then we can start production.

If you need some decoration, such as light logo and light box posters. We can put them in the kiosk. It is the best way to show your brand. When you decide to make a kiosk, we will start with design. We have no fixed style, because all the products are customized according to the customer’s requirements. So we have to make the new design to meet all your requirements. Everyone in the mall may get different sizes, different things to sell, different logo colors. So the design to the kiosk will have different size and color, even style. When finish the design, sent to the mall for approval. If no problem, we will start the design.Price is based on the size, material and style. So only make the design, we will know the exact price.

Charging Situation

Design: 300USD (when we place an order, it will deduct from your balance payment)

Deposit: 50% of the total price

Balance payment: 50% before shipment

Freight: please let me know your nearest port or your door to door address.

Production and transportation time

Lead time: About 28 days

Delivery time: About one month (Different countries have different transportation times )