Custom made wooden sugarcane juice kiosk ship to AUS

Custom made wooden sugarcane juice kiosk ship to AUS

Custom made wooden sugarcane juice kiosk ship to AUS

Speaking to sugarcane, I believe many people like to squeeze it into sugarcane juice to drink. This will not only not destroy its nutrients, but also make it taste better. Many people all like to drink sugarcane juice. So sugarcane juice kiosk is becoming more and more popular.

Popular sugarcane juice kiosk in Australia

This wooden sugarcane juice kiosk customized for our Australian customers. And it uses in shopping mall. According to the mall location and our customers requirements, we made such a 3mx2m sugarcane juice showcase.

From this showcase design, we attracted by its main color at first glance. The wooden color counter match with green sugar cane decoration. It makes the kiosk look very fresh and natural. And it also shows the green and healthy concept to customers. To make customers feel good.

juice showcase

And this is a very practical sugarcane juice showcase. We can place the needed machines on the workbench. Such as sugarcane squeezing machine, set of knives, cups, etc. Including sinks used for washing sugar cane or other things.

There is a large glass display cabinet in front of this showcase. The cabinet can display sugarcane juice. Or display other drinks if you want. So customers can directly buy fresh sugar cane juice. Very convenient and practical. Besides, there are two wooden baskets. One is for hold sugarcane. And another is for hold sugarcane waste.

sugarcane juice shop

juice store

Do you like this beautiful and practical sugarcane juice showcase? Based on the feedback from our customers, it is very popular in Australia. So when you are going to make such a popular juice kiosk, please feel free to tell us. Ukiosks can customize a new showcase for you as your needs.

What we can provide

1.Professional design

As we all know, need to make a design before customization. So our experienced designers will make a complete design for you according to your requirements. It contains 3D design and construction drawings.

2.Superb craftsmanship

Our skilled workers will use superb craftsmanship and high-quality materials to make the showcase you need. To let you get the high-end quality of products.

3.Installation and package

We will first install the entire kiosk in the factory. Then we will divide the showcase into several parts for easy transportation. And we will pack each part by foam inside and wooden box outside. To make the maximum protection showcase. 

For the more information about the sugarcane juice kiosk, if you need, please contact us here. We are always online and ready to help you.