Custom mall 3D crystal kiosk for crystal for engraving business

Custom mall 3D crystal kiosk for crystal for engraving business

Nowadays, custom products it seems have become a new fashion trends . for our factory we help our customers custom their kiosk and shop furniture based on their request. at the same time another interesting time is our customer’s main business is to custom 3D crystal engraving for his all customers.It seems very memorable when birthday,wedding anniversary and any other important festival ,we can send the custom 3D crystal engraving gift based on our size,logo and inside image request for each other. that is very happy thing in our life.

Today here I would like to share one of our USA customer mall 3D crystal kiosk for you .

Let’s see details of this mall 3D crystal kiosk now. it is 12ft by 8ft. It is S shape, inside round displays are two work counters. You can see from the photo crystals looks very shiny and bright. That’s because at the bottom of each crystal has led light hidden. And as usually, crystal kiosk will choose black color or dark color, shiny things need in dark place will look nicer and more bright. This way can help attract customers. 

So after reviewed how to you think of this mall 3D crystal kiosk ? do you like it ? if you still have any ideas and problems pls feel free to contact our sales . our team will offer our professional guide to you later. Besides our factory mainly produce like jewelry&watch,optical,cosmetic ,shoes and clothing,mobile phone,salon and food mall kiosk and shop display furniture.

How to customized of our mall 3D crystal kiosk ?

  • contact us , tell us your requirements ( kiosk size , layout , color ,logo etc)
  • pay $300 for 3d design . our designer start design for u .
  • discuss and modify design to meet mall request .
  • finalize design and quote price.
  • agree with price and pay 50% deposit before production .
  • pay 50 % balance before shipment .
  • contact us if need after-sale service.