Delicious bakery showcase bread kiosk in the mall for sale

Delicious bakery showcase bread kiosk in the mall for sale

Delicious bakery showcase bread kiosk in the mall for sale

Bread is a very popular food. It has a general taste. Sweet, soft bread is suitable for consumers of all ages. And the cost of making bread is very low. If you are going to start a bakery business in a mall, it will bring you a high profit margin. And before it, you first need a good and attactive bread kiosk.

A good bread showcase will not only make it easier for customers to choose and buy their favorite bread. But also bring more customers to you. Do you know how to make a good and attactive bread kiosk? Yes, it is best to customize a new bread showcase you like. And the first step in customization is design. So you need to make a design for your kiosk.

The process of bread kiosk design

  1. After you found the mall location and got the location size, please contact us soon. And then tell us all demands about the bread showcase. Such as the size you need, your favorite style and color, your own logo, etc.
  2. When our salesman has confirmed these requirements with you, we can go ahead and prepare the design. And before it, the design needs 300usd.
  3. When we received the design fee, our designer will start the 3D design for you according to your requirements. And if you need to change the design, we also can revise it for you soon.
  4. After confirming the design, we will make a construction drawing for you. To show you the detailed size and material about the bread showcase for your confirmation.
  5. Finally, we will start production according to the construction drawing you have confirmed.

This is the detailed process of bread kiosk design, welcome to contact us when you need a specail bread showcase. Next, let us appreciate the following newly style bread showcase design.

Newly style break showcase

bread showcasebread shopbread store

As we can see in the pictures, this is a 3x3m wooden bread showcase. The kiosk has some glass display cabinets and wooden display stand for all kinds of bread, a checkout counter and a work counter. Also, it includes some lightboxes with food posters, 3D luminous logo and a bar with chairs for customers. So, whether before or after work, people can eat and chat with their friends here. It is so enjoyable. Do you like this bread kiosk?