Elegance teeth whitening kiosk for shopping mall

Elegance teeth whitening kiosk for shopping mall

Elegance teeth whitening kiosk for shopping mall

With beautiful white teeth can make us more confident. So a lot of people go to dental institutions to have their teeth whitened or straightened out make them look neat. In fact, now teeth whitening does not need to go to the hospital or what institutions, we usually shopping malls can see there are a lot of small kiosks, which have teeth whitening kiosks. Today I want to introduce you to a kiosk of teeth whitening kiosk. Let’s look at the pictures first.



1. About our Company :

Shenzhen Unique furniture limited .
Shenzhen Unique furniture limited company, honored as China’s leading shopping malls and stores furniture suppliers, has more than ten-year experience in creating professional showcase, cabinet, kiosks. We design different kinds of shopping malls kiosk, counters, cabinet, carts, food kiosk , coffee kiosk, tea kiosk, hair dressing kiosk and showcase, some as cashier, jewelry, jewelry store design decoration, cosmetics showcase, showcase mobile phone, clothing shoes showcase, crafts gift showcase, supermarket stores overall matching furniture various special-shaped showcase. Our work Process covers the carpentry, paint, hardware, stainless steel, iron, acrylic, we can make it in fashion and unique style, we have personalized management, standardized production process, advanced process equipment, We can design large shopping center and complete the construction of large area, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores decoration design quantity format. Make your brand in the market to win more economic benefits.

 2. Basic information about this teeth whitening kiosk :

Product name: teeth whitening kiosk
Material: MDF.
Color: white and blue.
Size : 3000*3000mm .
Design: 3d drawings.
Delivery: 15-18 workdays.
Packing : foam inside  + wooden box outside .
Shipment: by sea.

Why do you choose us

1.Design: we have an excellent design team to help you make the unique design style you want and only you provide us the floor plan or the pics. And we have a long cooperation with a European design company to meet foreign design requirements.

2.Quality: we have 10 years’ experience to make the displays.we have formed the strict quality control system to ensure good quality.

3.Reputation: we are honest with our clients and try our best to service for them from A to Z.And we have many experiences with famous brands, such as LAKA.

4.Price: we have our own factory so you can save your cost because of the decrease in the intermediate channel.

5.Transportation: Before shipping, we will pack them with foam inside and wood crate outside to produce the products from damage during the transportation and meanwhile, we will provide door to door transportation service.

4. How to order ?

Dear customer, There are only several steps as below diagram for your reference.

1-You need to contact our sales to discuss your specific requirements regarding the teeth whitening kiosk.
2- Our design team creates and revises the design according to your comments.
3-We sign the contract after the design has been approved.
4-You need to pay a deposit .
5- We building kiosk according to the approved drawing of kiosk design .
6- Quality inspection.
7- We make a package .
8- You arrange the balance.
9- Shipping. We can send the kiosk to your mall if you want.
10- We provide technique guide service forever and replaced access