Exquisite white nut display kiosk & food kiosk in the mall for sale

Exquisite white nut display kiosk & food kiosk in the mall for sale

Exquisite white nut display kiosk & food kiosk in the mall for sale

Speaking of nuts, we are not unfamiliar at all. After all, these are our usual snacks. Especially after a meal and during the holidays, we prefer the crispy and nutritious nuts. And the types of nuts are very rich. Generally there are black raisins, almonds, dried cranberries, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts and blueberries. And we can buy it everywhere. Are you interested in making a nut kiosk in the mall?

If you have an interest to make it to start your business, the following exquisite white nut display kiosk will be helpful for you. It can give you good design ideas for kiosk. And even you can make the food showcase similar to it if you like.

The nut display kiosk in the mall

This is a very popular nut showcase in the mall. And this kiosk design is very unique. It has two different ways of display. One is a table display. And it’s a multi-level display like a ladder. So you can show people different types of nuts in packages. To let them freely pick and choose which nuts they like. In particular, the top of the table display has a roof like a small room. Such a special and beautiful white top with logo can make people notice it immediately.

And another way of display is glass boxes display. You can use them to show other popular snacks. Like chips, cookies, etc. This will also help increase your sales and attract more customers. Also, the checkout counter is needed. 

Basic information of the showcase

  • Size: 10x10ft/ customized according to your mall location.
  • Color: White and golden/ customized your favorite color
  • Main material: Plywood, laminate, MDF, tempered galss, led light
  • Surface: White paint finish.
  • Function: nuts display kiosk, other food showcase
  • Design time: 3-5 working days after know design requirements
  • Production time: 22-25 days, the exact time based on the counters
  • payment: T/T, Western Union(50 % deposit before production, 50 % balance before shipping)

3D design images display

nut display kiosknut showcasenut shop

After seeing the above the details about this nut kiosk, do you want to make a food showcase like this? When you are ready to make it, please contact us soon. We are a direct customized company. We can design and manufacture a unique and beautiful food kiosk for you based on your needs.