Factory direct sale three floor layer display kiosk jewelry kiosk showcase

Factory direct sale three floor layer display kiosk jewelry kiosk showcase

A beautiful kiosk is always can bring you some attention. When you got the space from your mall, the first thing you do is make a design and submit it to the mall for review. You need to prepare the kiosk 3d design and construction drawing.  So you need yo find the supplier who can provide the kiosk design and manufacturer it. You know your kiosk size, you can see many jewelry kiosks in here, so you know how to design your kiosk, you have your ideas. You need to tell me about your space size and your requirements, then we can design it for you. Let’s look at this refer kiosk.

This type is a 3-floor layer display kiosk. The whole kiosk was almost glass. But it looks more luxurious senior. The bottom layer is the model, you can better see the effect of a jewelry necklace. The first 2 are basically bracelets and rings. The design of curved glass increases the difficulty of making it. But it’s the design that makes the jewelry kiosk look more appealing. Its middle design is similar to the second one. Put the cabinet for safe deposit boxes with valuables. You can also put some decorations, such as flowers or other things you like. But this one not much storage, if you don’ t have much stock, you can choose this one.

Size: 10x20ft

Material: MDF,tempered glass

Surface finish: Baking paint

Production time: 22-28 days


Why do you choose us

1.Design: we have an excellent design team to help you make the unique design style you want and only you provide us the floor plan or the pics. And we have a long cooperation with a European design company to meet foreign design requirements.

2.Quality: we have 10 years’ experience to make the displays.we have formed the strict quality control system to ensure good quality.

3.Reputation: we are honest with our clients and try our best to service for them from A to Z.And we have many experiences with famous brands,such as LAKA.

4.Price: we have our own factory so you can save your cost because of the decrease in the intermediate channel.

5.Transportation: Before shipping, we will pack them with foam inside and wood crate outside to produce the products from damage during the transportation and meanwhile, we will provide door to door transportation service.


Dear customer, followings are some steps for your reference, hope it can make help for you:

1-You need to contact our sales to discuss your specific requirement regarding the kiosk

2- Our design team creates and revises the design according to your personal requests.

3-We sign the contract after the design has been approved.

4-50% as the production deposit should be sent.

5- We build the custom kiosk according to the approved design.

6- Quality inspection.

7- We make a package.

8- You arrange the balance.

9- Arrange to ship for you.

10- We provide technique guide service for you