Fashionable & high end eyebrow kiosk with gold stainless steel for sale

Fashionable & high end eyebrow kiosk with gold stainless steel for sale

Fashionable & high end eyebrow kiosk with gold stainless steel for sale

It’s often hard to say no to something beautiful and unique. Such as the beautiful eyebrow kiosk. When we go shopping, we are always attracted by those special eyebrow kiosks. Thus arouse our desire to consume. Therefore, every business hopes that their eyebrow showcase is beautiful, unique, fashionable and high-end. At the same time, providing customers with high-quality products and services. This can attract more customers for them, increase their revenue. And make their business more popular.

How to achieve such good results? The best way is customizing an eyebrow showcase. Generally all custom products need to be designed. And the design can meet all your requirements for the eyebrow showcase, make the idea become a reality. Let your eyebrow kiosk become more outstanding and attractive. Just like the below fashionable & high end eyebrow kiosk with gold stainless steel.

Eyebrow showcase introduction

The cover area of this eyebrow showcase is 4m by 3m. And white and gold are its main colors. This is a eyebrow kiosk design according to the requirements of our customers. So it is a very unique eyebrow showcase. It is unique in its materials, layout and decoration.

For the material, we all know that making eyebrow kiosks out of different materials can have different effects. This eyebrow showcase is MDF based, with a white paint finish and partially artificial finish. So the surface of the eyebrow kiosk is very smooth and beautiful, and easy to clean. Also, it includes the gold stainless steel top and kick. This can not only effectively protect the eyebrow kiosk, but also let the eyebrow kiosk look more fashionable and high-end. Do you think so?

eyebrow stand

For the layout, we can find that the eyebrow showcase is made up of counters on both sides. On one side are three stations for eyebrow threading. On the other side is a checkout counter, a eyebrow treading counter and a nail table. And the two sides in the middle are open. This is very special. And very convenient for customers to provide eyebrow shaping service.

And for decoration, this kiosk has white lacquered panels with gold stainless steel tops, acrylic logos, light boxes with star posters. All of these make the eyebrow showcase have a good decoration effect. And look very high-end and beautiful.

eyebrow showcase

Do you want to make an eyebrow kiosk like this? If you have such intention, please contact us. We are a direct customized company. We can help you make a unique eyebrow showcase as your needs.