Fashionable wooden indoor juice bar kiosk design with best quality

Fashionable wooden indoor juice bar kiosk design with best quality

Fashionable wooden indoor juice bar kiosk design with best quality

Now the food business is very popular. Specially, many people prefer to start their food business in the mall. They will choose to sell fast food, coffee, juice, cakes and so on. If you’re going to start your food business in a mall, you’ll need a location first, then a food kiosk. Do you know how to get your favorite showcase? Today I would like to take a fashionable juice kiosk as an example to show you the detailed process of customizing a food showcase.

Make a juice kiosk design first

This juice showcase customized for our customer in the UK. Last month, the client contacted us on the website. In the beginning, he asked us for some information about the kiosk. For example, the process of making juice showcase, production time, shipping time, packaging and installation, etc. Due to the cases we made and good service, he finally decided to customize a juice kiosk he wants here.

So he felt free to tell us all requirements about the juice showcase. Based on his location of shopping mall, he wanted to build a 3m by 2m juice showcase. And he sent me the picture of his favorite style. He hoped we can make a similar juice showcase for him.

Also, he said some special requirements. For example, he hoped to change the color to green and white. Increase a bar counter at the back of the showcase. Place a glass display cabinet to store fresh fruit and a machine with a glass cover on the countertop. Change the sink into a stainless steel sink with double sink. And place a refrigerator under the countertop.

In accordance with his requirements, we suggest doing a design first. The design can well show all his ideas about the juice kiosk. So that he can see the actual effect of the showcase. After listening to it, he accepted and paid $300 for the design. When we received the design fee, we started to make a 3D design. The following is the design of the juice kiosk made by his requirements.

3D design display

juice showcasejuice shop

After looking at the juice showcase design, is it the same as you imagined? The main color of this showcase is green. This gives customers a fresh and natural feeling. And there are some posters and menu light boxes to attract people’s eyes. And it is easy for customers to place orders. Our clients like this design very much. How about you?

Place an order

After our client confirmed this design, our designer will make construction drawings. To show detailed dimensions, materials, circuit diagrams, etc. for our client’s confirmation.Till our customer confirmed it, we send the construction drawing to our workshop. Meanwhile, our customer started paying the 50% production deposit by bank transfer. We will start production after we receive the deposit.

The production process will take 25-28 working days. And we will also take some photos and videos to let the customer know the production details directly.

Packaging and shipping

After the production is finished, we will try to assemble the whole juice showcase in the factory. Including installation light box, logo, handle, lock, wire connection and other accessories. And take photos for our customer to show him the actual effect of the kiosk.

After our customer pays the 50% balance, we will pack the juice showcase. Our packing method is foam inside and wooden box outside. After packing, it is time to arrange transportation for our customer. We shipped the kiosk to the port designated by the customer according to his requirement.

When the customer received the kiosk, he just needed to put each part counter together and connected the wires between the counters. Finally, he can use the showcase directly by connecting the local power supply.

This is the detailed process of customizing a juice kiosk. After reading it, are you interested in getting a custom-made food kiosk? If so, welcome to contact us.Our salesman is always online and ready to help you.