Freestanding Jewelry showcase pink style for jewelry shop

Freestanding Jewelry showcase pink style for jewelry shop

Freestanding Jewelry display showcase pink style for jewelry shop

We all know that women wearing jewelry will become very confident, jewelry can increase our charm. What’s your impression of a jewelry store? Is it very luxurious? We all know that the color of most jewelry stores is gold, because many pieces of jewelry are also gold, and gold looks more high-end. So many people will decorate their stores with gold. The main customers of the jewelry store are women. Jewelry as a decoration, it can enhance our confidence and temperament. There is also some jewelry tailored specifically for women, have you seen this kind of jewelry store? Pink girly jewelry store. Today I will share with you about freestanding jewelry showcase in the store. Let’s look at the pictures first.

Does the pink look cute? Both the walls in the store and the jewelry boxes are pink. It mainly sells ladies’ rings, necklaces, and couple rings or wedding rings. If you want to buy a gift for your girlfriend, you can also buy it here. Not only the wall and the jewelry box, but the cabinet displaying the jewelry is also a combination of white and pink. Tall glass display cabinets are available in all jewelry stores. The glass itself is transparent. With the light strips, you can shine the jewelry better. Using glass to separate jewelry from customers also guarantees the safety of jewelry.

How do we get freestanding jewelry showcase?

  • Send me your cafe floor plan and your requirements or what machines you have. Then we will according to your shop size and your requirements to design it. The design fee is 300-500USD, it will be returned to you when we place an order.
  • When we finish the design, I will send you the 3d design, you can check and if you want to modify it. You can tell me, we will according to your idea to change it until you are satisfied. So finally you can get the beautiful you like.
  • We have our factory, so when we confirming the design. We can customize them according to the furniture and decoration in the design. Such as the counter, tables, chairs, and the lightbox posters and light logo.
  • Our production time is about 28 working days when we confirming the construction drawing.
  • Delivery time depends on your nearest port.
  • The total price is based on the final design. We will give you a price list according to the items in the design.
    Please contact us for the design.

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