mall furit kiosk | Fresh wooden custom retail mall furit kiosk design

mall furit kiosk | Fresh wooden custom retail mall furit kiosk design

Did you eat any fruit each day??? as we know fruit play a very important role in our daily life.It’s our necessities. Fruits are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin is good for skin care special for girls.It also can help human body Anti-aging, anti-disease, and slimming. that’s why more and more merchant to open fruit shop.

Below is one of my Sweden customer’s mall fruit kiosk design .it will display in the indoor mall.its size around 5*3 meter the basic material is MDF with high gloss baking paint with 3D Plating copper logo.its copper stainless steel makes the whole cabinet much more outstanding and attractive, high-end, magnificent and classy.

Do you like this Unique fruit kiosk design? once our designer finished it and send to that customer, he was impressed and shocked say … amazing, he really likes it very much and satisfied with our design.As we can see this kiosk divided into 2 sides, one side is made of wood, another size is made of stainless steel with a cold system.Because fruit rots easily at normal temperature, so our designers consider to use the cold system to retain freshness. If you plan to open the fruit shop in shopping mall , please feel free to contact us.Our team can help you from design(freely)-production(competitive and affordable price)-installation-shipping for you.

How to make order with us for mall fruit kiosk design ?

1.send inquiry to us and tell us your shop project size,color,logo and special request.

2.and then our designer will make design for will need 300 USD design fee.

3.there are 2-3 times design modification,the design time need 3-5 working day

4.after the design confirmed and then pay 50 % deposit of your order ,the factory will start the production.

5.we will send the production images to you from time to time

6.after finished we will take images or video to you for installation kiosk.

7.finally pay 50% balance and shipping cost we will arrange the shipping

8.we will offer after sales team within 24 hours in 7 days a week .