gift shop design,gift store furniture,gift display stand/cabinet/rack

gift shop design,gift store furniture,gift display stand/cabinet/rack


 Basic material introduction

1. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and harmless MDF

2. High quality safety tempered glass 

3. Antirust, fastness, noiseless and smooth hardware fitting   

4. High power energy-saving LED light with various colors

5. Famous brand acrylic, hinge, sliding guide etc. 


led spot light, led strip light,

main colors: cold white, pure white, warm white, you can choose different lighting depend on different products and season.

Stainless Kicker: stainless bottom kicker avoid humidity and 
damage from remove


Manufacture draft

     1. Skilled workers. For more than 10 years accumulation, now, we have more than 50 workers.  Most of them are skilled.

      2. Strict quality control. Each big step, trial assembling are required to make sure a compact and stable structure.

      3. Using professional tools. In order to make sure the right size, mold are required.


Easy Assemble and Disassemble

• The assembly steps are scientifically optimized

• Install Instruction  are provided

• Spare parts are standardized and modularized