Good quality shopping mall customize watch display kiosk for sale with led light

Good quality shopping mall customize watch display kiosk for sale with led light

Watch is not only a useful timer, but also a fashionable decoration. Women wearing watches appear intellectual and elegant. While men wearing watches show a strong sense of time and are very executive. And sometimes the watch is more of a status symbol. So both women and men will buy their favorite watches in watch shop or watch kiosk.

Good quality shopping mall customize watch display kiosk for sale with led light

Do you know what kind of watch kiosk can attract more customers? Usually people are interested in something beautiful and special. So decoration of the watch showcase is very important. Secondly, need to insure the quality of the showcase. Good quality watch kiosk will highlight the feature of the product. And make customers want to buy.

Good quality watch kiosk details

The good quality watch kiosk you are looking at is a good example. The size of this showcase is 3x3m. And the color is black and white. Very classic color combination. The material of this showcase is MDF baking varnish. The lacquered showcase has a good gloss. And it matches with some LED light strips. Making the kiosk more fashionable and high-end.

watch showcase

Also, The showcase uses glass display cabinets and shelf display counters to display watches. The clear and transparent glass can intuitively show the watch characteristics. Giving customers a good visual experience. Glass display cabinets are very suitable for displaying decorations like watches. And they have been very popular.

watch shop

What material was used

1.Substrate MDF


We will use MDF as substrate material to build watch kiosk model first. Then baking paint the showcase in black and white.

2.Tempered glass & LED light

glass and led light

We will use hight quality tempered glass to make glass display cabinets. To make customers to learn the product intuitively.

And as for LED lights, we will install them in glass display cabinets and shelf display counters. So the display with lighting decoration will highlight product features and easily attract customers’ attention. Surely, including the hidden light strips at the bottom. To make kiosk more bright and attractive.

3.Stainless steel

Stainless steel

We will make stainless steel skirting to better protect the kiosk from damage. And we can also make it according to the stainless steel you need.

Do you like this good quality custom made watch kiosk above? Please contact us in time when you need such a fashionable and high quality watch showcase. We can customize a new one for you according to your request.