Green corn kiosk in mall Creative maize kiosk sweet corn cup kiosk

Green corn kiosk in mall Creative maize kiosk sweet corn cup kiosk

Portfolio Description

For sweet corn kiosk, we already have done many till today.The below one, it is one newest sweet corn cup kiosk. Front side has two corn firberglass modelings. 


Basic information for sweet corn cup kiosk.

Size: 3 by 2.6 meters

Material: plywood, stone, tempered glass

Color: white, yellow green

Surface finish: baking paint,stone and laminate

Accessories: wires, switch and socket,lock and keys, acrylic logo, LED light and so on.

Note: we can choose materials as customers’ requirements.


Sweet corn cup kiosk 3D MAX design show.

Note about design:Before design, we need know the place size and where use the kiosk.And need customer to provide machine list with sizes as well. Then we can add these machine equipment in 3D MAX design, and to show you reasonable layout.So for one mall food kiosk, 3D max design is real very important.   

In order to serve customer better and build a nice cooperation, we need charge 300usd – 500usd (depends on size) as design deposit, but will refund after order.



Easy to Assemble and Disassemble for sweet corn cup kiosk .

  • kiosk is divided into sevaral parts.
  • Spare parts are standardized and modularized.
  • Due to above conditions, the system can be easy installed, uninstalled, cleaned and displaced.



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