Health product showcase and pharmacy furniture

Health product showcase and pharmacy furniture

Health care products display showcase and pharmacy store display furniture for sale

Hey! Friends. Welcome to this website. Today i want to share some store design. You may know what i am going to say. Yes, pharmacy or health product showcase. Ummm. They seem sounds the same. But never mind. You know what i mean. Let’s look at their pictures first.

They looks very clean and beautiful.We can see is that they all have display cabinets. And the cabinets are very tall and have many layers. For medicine or health products, we need a lot of space to show them. And this type of cabinet is a good choice. They are mostly against the wall, which can save a lot of space in the middle of the shop. In the middle we can put some small cabinets. 


  • Size: customize
  • Color: mainly in white color
  • Material: MDF
  • Surface: baking paint
  • Lighting: spot light, led light
  • Glass: tempered glass 

If you want to design a new health product showcase, here blow is steps:

 1. Tell me your information regarding your health care products display showcase, including shopping area size, logo, branding and what things you prepare to sell.

2. Our designer will give you the 3D drawing plan in 3 – 5 working days according to your request about health care products display showcase.

3. After the design finished, if you find some place not acceptable, our designer will  revise it freely.

4. After the design plan approved by you, we will give you CAD drawing plan, then manufacture it.

5. We can help you to buy some machines about health care products display showcase, delivered together with your goods for saving your some time and money.

 The project price is bsed on the final design. If you have any questions, you can contact me.

Cathy Zhang


Whatsapp/phone number: +86 13410683550