Hexagonal food kiosk with logo sign for indoor use on sale

Hexagonal food kiosk with logo sign for indoor use on sale

Hexagonal food kiosk with logo sign for indoor use on sale

A successful food kiosk not only has a beautiful appearance to catch customers’ eyes. It also needs suitable and high quality materials to build. Just like this unique hexagonal food kiosk with logo sign. And it is very suitable for indoor use.

Food kiosk introduction

This food kiosk is different from common food showcases. Its shape is irregular hexagon. So the showcase has six food areas open to customers. People can freely choose any food they need. It is quite attractive and convenient for customers.

And as we can see, these six food areas are all stone countertops. The stone countertop makes this food kiosk more durable and easy to clean. In particular, the way of displaying food is built-in. And there is one side display food with a glass cover.

In addition to the special shape of the kiosk, we will also attracted by its logo sign at first sight. Such a tall and special logo sign makes people notice it from a distance. This is a good publicity for this food kiosk. Let’s view this food showcase design images.

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How to order a food kiosk

  • Please contact our sales and tell us your demands about the food showcase. Including the size, style, logo, color, etc.
  • Making a 3D design according to your needs. And before it, please pay 300usd design deposit. When you place an order, the design deposit will refund to the amount.
  • The design needs 3-5 business days. And if you want to change the design, we will revise it for you in time.
  • After confirming the design, start making a construction drawing. And it will show you the detailed size, materials, circuit diagram, etc.
  • Ready to manufacture this food showcase. At the same time, 50% production deposit need to pay.
  • Building the showcase based on the construction drawing after receiving the production deposit. And during the production, send you some production photos and videos to check everything is nice.
  • Finish the production, install and package the showcase. And before shipping, 50% balance need to pay.
  • Help you arrange transportation to your port or the exact address

Ukiosks is a professional food kiosks supplier with many years of experience. We will offer you the best food showcase design. And build the showcase with high quality materials for you. Welcome to contact us at will.