High end quality luxury custom retail jewelry shop furniture

High end quality luxury custom retail jewelry shop furniture

Jewelry is a luxury and an ornament.Therefore,the retail jewelry shop furniture must also confirm to its style when it is renewed. to be decorate more high end,magnificent and classy.this has certain requirements for funds.so how much does it cost to decorate a jewelry store?I believe this is a question that every businessmen cares about.Now let’s take a look at it.

If you want high-end decoration, you need 1500-1600/square for renovation.

If it is a popular decoration, it needs to use 1000-1100 yuan / square, which is a general decoration.

If you want to generalize the decoration, use 700-800 yuan / square, which is a common decoration.

If you decorate it at 450-500 yuan/square, it is a simple and simple decoration.

So, the decoration of the jewelry shop is a good point for investment. If the investment is less, it will be generally decorated.

If there is less, it will be a simple decoration! To be honest, the higher the budget you give, the higher the decoration, the popular, It is proportional to the price! So, how much does it cost to decorate? It should be combined with the grades and requirements of your decoration!

The above is about the introduction of the retail jewelry shop furniture costs, I hope to help you! Jewelry shop decoration, we have to carry out according to our own budget, what grades, how to decorate these are all things to consider, in addition, so we must  look for a professional decoration company like— Shenzhen Unique Custom shop furniture factory .which our factory are mainly manufacture retail shop and mall kiosk for jewelry & watch , cosmetic,watch,optical,clothes and shoes ,mobile and salon and food shops . we offer all in one service from design -factory production-installation and shipping for your shop .

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