High grade wholesale jewelry shop jewelry showcase design

High grade wholesale jewelry shop jewelry showcase design

High-grade wholesale jewelry shop jewelry showcase design

Hello, do you have your own shop? We all knew that when we got the lease for our store, the first thing we had to do was decorate our store. We need to make a design, such as shape, color, and position of the furniture. Then we can see the effect first, before deciding whether to make such furniture. If you don’t like it, we can change it. So design is very important for a store. If you but a ready-made piece of jewelry showcase, it may not fit in the location of your store or it may not match your logo, so it is going to look incongruous. The following store is designed according to the customer’s requirements. I received his store floor plan. We design the furniture according to the store floor plan and customer’s requirements. When confirming the design, we will start production. Let’s look at the design first.

















Basic information for this high-grade jewelry shop jewelry showcase.

1.size: 30m2 

2.color: white.

3.material: MDF, 8mm tempered glass

4.surface finish: baking paint

For jewelry shop design and jewelry shop furniture, both we have done many. So whatever you need jewelry shop design or only to need a jewelry display showcase, both we are happy to serve you. Below are popular jewelry showcases, gold plated metal beauty makes the whole shop become a high-grade level. Simple but luxurious.

We have our designer team, so you can tell me all your ideas and all the requirements of the furniture. We can according to your location size, your requirements and your machines to design the furniture you like. If you want to design, you can send us a reference picture, then we will know what type you like. We also can give you the estimated price. The final price is based on the final design, so it is very important and necessary to make a design at the beginning. It can help us confirm more details.