High quality colorful ice cream kiosk ship to USA on sale

High quality colorful ice cream kiosk ship to USA on sale

High quality colorful ice cream kiosk ship to USA on sale

Description of the ice cream kiosk

We all know there are many types of ice cream. And this colorful ice cream kiosk mainly sells Gelato. We just shipped it to the Seattle, USA last two weeks for our customers. The size of this irregular shaped showcase is about 3*2m. And we use high quality plywood and laminate materials to build it.

There are two big glass display showcases in the front. Because of their cold storage function, the owner can show various flavors of ice cream here. Behind the glass display showcases is work area. It includes a fridge and a stone countertop work counter. We can put some machines and a cashier on the counter.

ice cream showcase

And the colored part outside the kiosk is some rainbow stickers. It is pretty beautiful and attractive. Surely, it also has some lightboxes for posters. This can greatly promote ice cream and attract more customers. Besides, there is a yellow bar on the back of the kiosk. It also has a big menu lightbox and several ice cream shaped chairs. Very special. So customers can enjoy delicious ice cream here.

Ice cream kiosk production picture show

ice cream shop

ice cream store

From the production pictures, this showcase has a so great lighting decoration. Light strips at the bottom and some poster lightboxes make this kiosk more brighter and attractive. Also including the lighting logos.

Our package for the showcase

  • Before packing, we will clean the whole ice cream kiosk. And generally a showcase will be big. So in order to facilitate delivery, we divide the showcase into several parts to pack.
  • We will use brushed film to pack each part first. To protect each part from collision damage.
  • And then use corner cottom to wrap every corner to prevent wear and deformation.
  • Thirdly, we will add thick foam cottom at each part frame to protect the counter better.
  • Finally, put the packed each part into the wooden boxes for reinforement and protection.

So our package for the ice cream kiosk is foam inside and wooden box outside. What a safe and effective packing way.