High quality popular retail shop food outdoor kiosk design

High quality popular retail shop food outdoor kiosk design

Nowadays there are more and more customers prefer to do outdoor food business. As the rent is good and does not need any management approval. So they will get the business space more freely than mall business. Today I would like to share some information about below food outdoor kiosk design for all of you.

3D image to show

This is a food outdoor kiosk design for Fisch chips. Its size is 2*2 meter. And it made by the aluminum-plastic panel. Normally for outdoor kiosk which looks like a small house. It includes floor, roof, door, and windows.

For our factory, we have produced many kiosks with different designs and sizes. Actually, if you have rented different size. Our designer team can custom based on your request. For this design, it is very simple. Inside are some storage cabinets, food machines, and a water sink. And there are two windows with bars. In this way, the customer can sit here to enjoy food. All color is light blue with a red top and has a big 3D logo. It is very suitable for small business to start. How do you think of it? If you have any questions, please kindly contact our sales online.

Besides outdoor food kiosk, many people also want to strat business with a kiosk in the mall. And most people also want to know the difference between mall kiosks and outdoor kiosks. So next I would like to tell you some difference between them.

Difference between mall kiosks and outdoor kiosks

1. Design: Normally for mall kiosk, there is no roof, and it opens for 4 sides. For outdoor kiosks, we must keep its security. So all outdoor kiosks are made with roof. And someplace will need roller shutter door.

2. Material: For indoor kiosks, most of them are made of MDF, plywood and solid wood. And for outdoor kiosks, as it uses for outdoor. There is much bad weather. So most of we use aluminum-plastic panel. This is a flame retardant substance PE plastic core material. And the aluminum layer on both sides is extremely difficult to burn.

Therefore, it is a safe fireproof material. Strong impact resistance, high toughness, bending does not damage the topcoat, strong impact resistance, in areas with large wind. And sand will not cause damage. So it is much more stable.

3. Price : After knowing its design and material, we will know the price will be big differences. Outdoor kiosks’ rent price much more competitive than the mall kiosk. You can compare and choose one based on your budget.

That’ s all today I want to share with you. When you need an outdoor kiosk to start your business, please contact us on time. We can help you make an outdoor kiosk according to your requirements.