Hot sale attractive mall food bubble tea kiosk design

Hot sale attractive mall food bubble tea kiosk design

Do you like bubble tea ? and do you know its history of bubble tea. here share some general ideas to you .bubble tea was originally a daily drink of the nomadic people of the Mongolian Plateau, and it has been at least a thousand years old. The Mongolian Plateau is the hometown of nomadic people and the birthplace of milk tea. The most authentic one was Mongolian milk tea. Since the Yuan Dynasty, it has spread all over the world. Currently, there are different types of milk tea in the Greater China region, Central Asian countries, India, Arabia, Britain, Malaysia, Singapore, and other regions.

Today the bubble tea is also very popular in the UK market. here I would like to share one of UK customers’ bubble tea kiosk design for you as below:

Basic information of this attractive bubble tea kiosk design :

1.size : 10*10 ft

2.material: MDF with high gloss baking paint, acrylic logo, lights time: 3-5 working day

4.production time: within 22-25 working days after the order confirmed.

For this project, it is a small investment for one of my UK customers , he is 26 years old. he want to set his own he found us . and hope we can help his project. after we talked a while and know some general ideas of his project like what size of his shop rented from the mall .

and how is his project going. and then our team will help him based on his project time schedule.firstly he told he need a design and drawings which to submit the mall for approval . so that he can get the space contact .

once we talked about his design request and then our designer team help him to make new design based on his request. after the design finished.he sumbit the drawings to the mall for approval.normally it will take 1-2 week for mall approval.

once the mall approval and then we can start the kiosk production. the produciton time it will need 22 working day after the order confirmed. finally arrange the packing , installation and shipping for him. That is the whole process of how to make kiosk with our factory . if you want to also make the same design kiosk pls feel free to contact us.

Production Photos

If you are interested in this kiosk, please contact me.