Hot sale fashionable eyebrow kiosk in the mall for sale

Hot sale fashionable eyebrow kiosk in the mall for sale

Hot sale fashionable eyebrow kiosk in the mall for sale

Would you have intention to make a eyebrow kiosk? Good looking eyebrows can not only make you look more energetic, but also give a good impression. And eyebrow threading service is also popular in the UK, Australia and other countries. If you want to start beauty business, you can try eyebrow service. Believe that it can bring you unexpected results.

Now, I will introduce a hot sale and fashionable eyebrow kiosk to you. When you ready to customize a unique eyebrow showcase, it will be helpful for you.

Eyebrow kiosk introduction

The size of this eyebrow showcase is 3m by 2m. And its material is MDF with baking white paint and solid wood surface finish. It makes the showcase look more fashionable and high end. This showcase has three service staions with mirrors. And you can also put some items in the storage cupboard under the counter. It is very convenient.

In addition, there is 3D light logos and two light box for price list. In this way, customers can clearly see the detailed price of the eyebrow service.

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Usually a businessman has a budget before starting a business. Do you know what is included in the budget of eyebrow service? Here are the details of what are the costs involved in making an eyebrow showcase to start eyebrow service?

What are the costs involved in making an eyebrow showcase?

1.Location rental cost

If you want to make a eyebrow kiosk for eyebrow service, you first need to find a location. Usually most people choose to rent a space in the mall to start their business. No matter how big a location you find, you need to pay for it.

2.Custom an eyebrow kiosk cost

The price of a customized eyebrow showcase is based on the size, style, and material. Generally, we make a design first according to your location size and your requirements. Our design includes 3D design images and construction drawing. They will show you exact size, material, and circuit diagram, etc. After you confirmed the design, we will quote the exact price for you.

3.Eyebrow service tool cost

To do eyebrows service for clients, you need to prepare the relevant tools. For example, wet cotton pieces, normal saline, metrodozole, eyebrow razor, eyebrow scissors, eyebrow pencil, anesthetics, hand lotion, etc. These tools must be hygienic and safe. and tax cost

If you order an eyebrow showcase from China, you need to pay transportation and tax charges. The exact shipping cost depends on your destination and mode of transportation. You can choose to ship showcase to the nearest port or specific location.

As for the cost of taxes, this would generate a tax cost of 10-25%. The exact cost of the tax is based on the standards of your country or region.

5.Business run cost

Before opening, you need to advertise your eyebrow kiosk. So some publicity money is needed. And in order to ensure the normal operation of the eyebrow showcase, you also need to set aside some spare funds.