Hot sale jewelry kiosk custom jewelry showcase in the mall for sale

Hot sale jewelry kiosk custom jewelry showcase in the mall for sale

Hot Sale Jewelry kiosk custom jewelry showcase in the mall for sale

Jewelry is one of the most popular accessories. It can not only decorate our appearance, make us more beautiful and fashionable. But also enhance our self-confidence and make us send out unique temperament. And whenever we go to the mall, we always attracted by the shiny jewelry in the jewelry kiosk.

Actually, in order to achieve the effect that can attract a person’s eye easily, besides the feacture of jewelry itself, the beautiful and practical jewelry display counters are indispensable. Now I’d like to share with you a hot sale modern jewelry display kiosk.

Hot sale jewelry kiosk description

This hot sale and modern jewelry showcase has three different types of counters. One is a white cashier. Above it is the logo and light box for publicity, below it is the counter. And the cashier is in the middle of the showcase. This can save space and is very convenient for the seller.

And the other two types are glass display cases for jewelry. They are curved glass display cases like fans and trapezoid glass display cases. They all have two layers to show jewelry. For example, the top can show some small jewelry, and the bottom can show matching model necklaces.

Otherwise, this jewelry showcase bottom is stainless steel kick foot. This can do a good job of protecting the kiosk from damage. And the bottom also hides the yellow light belt. It makes the jewelry showcase more bright and attractive. Let’s view its real images.

jewelry showcasejewelry display stand

Decoration ideas of jewelry kiosk

If you plan to make a jewelry showcase, do you want to make your jewelry showcase more unique and beautiful? Come and see some good decoration ideas below with me.

Lighting decoration

Usually people can’t refuse the beautiful and shining things. So we can create a very good lighting effect for the jewelry showcase. So as to retain customers’ eyes. We can choose a few small spotlights and lamp belt to put inside display counters. It can greatly highlight the characteristic of jewelry and very attract attention.

Also, we can install some light boxes, luminous logos, bottom light strips and top spotlights (if you have a kiosk with roof). Combine these lighting and appropriate lamplight intensity, it can build the artistic beauty with simple sense that gives kiosk. And can enhance certain administrative levels feeling and attraction.

Special layout

Different counters placement can give customers different experience. You can choose a wraparound layout. Just like the jewelry kiosk above. All glass display counters arranged in a square and a cash register in the middle. This way, the customers can see your jewelry in different directions.

Of course, you can also make rectangles if you want. And you can make it an open layout, with each counter placed separately. So that customers can choose their favorite jewelry more freely.

The above decoration ideas of jewelry kiosk are just for your reference. And I hope it can help you. If you want to learn more about the jewelry showcase, please freely contact us.