Hot sell modern jewelry showcase 3d design jewelry shop style

Hot sell modern jewelry showcase 3d design jewelry shop style

Hot sell modern jewelry showcase 3d design jewelry shop style

Hello, do you have your own shop? We all knew that when we got the lease for our store, the first thing we had to do was decorate our store. We need to make a design, such as shape, color, and position of the furniture. Then we can see the effect first, before deciding whether to make such furniture. If you don’t like it, we can change it. So design is very important for a store. If you but a ready-made piece of display furniture, it may not fit in the location of your store or it may not match your logo, so it is going to look incongruous. The following store is designed according to the customer’s requirements. I received his store floor plan. We design the modern jewelry showcase according to the store floor plan and customer’s requirements. When confirming the design, we will start production. Let’s look at the design first.

We have our own factory and we can provide all the modern jewelry showcase on the design drawings. If you want to buy furniture but have no idea, you can contact us. We can help you make a design, and when we confirming the design, we can start production. Our production is very transparent, you can always know the progress of the goods and we will confirm all details with you. Make sure you received what you want.

We are located in Shenzhen, China. And we have our own factory and have more than 10 years of kiosk experience. We are professional mall kiosks and shop display furniture manufacturer. We welcome friends from all over the world and have the ability to ship goods to any country. Our main clients are from USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. There are also many clients from other countries. We provide all the high-quality products. We will take the production pictures to you.

Please contact me when you have any questions.

Cathy Zhang


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