Hot selling 3.5*3m nail kiosk, manicure nail kiosk for sale

Hot selling 3.5*3m nail kiosk, manicure nail kiosk for sale

Hot selling 3.5*3m nail kiosk, manicure nail kiosk for sale

Nail art can not only bring beauty to women’s fingers, but also make women more fashionable. The most important thing is to make women’s fingers healthy and beautiful. Manicures that combine beauty and health are very popular. As a result, the nail market is getting hot. If you’re planning a career in nail art, please do not miss the nail kiosk below.

3.5*3m nail kiosk introduction

This is a 3.5*3m nail kiosk shipped to USA. The nail showcase is made by MDF, with pink and white baking finish, stainless steel bottom. When we first see this nail showcase, we easily attract by its unique shape. And pink, black and white make this showcase look very cute and fashionable.

As we approach the showcase, we can see a glass display cabinet for nail polish and a long light box with detailed prices on the front. This gives us the freedom to choose the nail polish and nail service we need. If we need a manicure, we can go into this kiosk. Because there is a long nail table and some chairs inside for customers. Also, the kiosk has a checkout counter inside.

manicure kiosknail showcase

Strengths about nail showcase

1. Beautiful and convenient: This is a very fashion and beautiful nail showcase. And you can easily install and move it, no need some people to help.

2. Durable: This nail showcase is made of MDF baking varnish. So it has a nice gloss on the surface. And it can use for a long time.

3. Eye protection: LED hole lamp certificated by CE certification is safe and energy-saving. So it doesn’t hurt your eyes even if you are busy working all day.

4.One top service: From individual shop solutions to real products productions & delivery.

If you want to learn more information about nail kiosk, please contact us soon.