Hot-selling pancake display kiosk waffle snack bar in the mall

Hot-selling pancake display kiosk waffle snack bar in the mall

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  • October 12, 2019

All things in the world, only food can not live up to. When it comes to the variety of food, it’s a lot to talk about for three days and nights. Street stalls emerge in endlessly, and new snacks are born every day. We can always see different food in different places. What is your most impressive snack? Do you like pancake? In fact, i like it. It can put a lot stuffing. Such as hot dog, egg and bacon and so on.It’s one of the most popular snacks. Whether it’s on the street ,shop or in shopping mall, we can all see it. Street pancakes can be sold in food cart. Not to mention a pancake shop.So how do shopping mall sell pancake? That must be the pancake kiosk. It’s bigger than a food cart and smaller than a shop. But they can do the same thing. Food cart and stores don’t have to say. Today we are going to focus on the pancake kiosk. Let’s put a picture first.

This kiosk is large in size, so it can do a lot of things. The front counter can put pancake machine, wafffle machine, boild and cashier machine. There are also have some small containers, you can put some pancake ingredients. Work areas are separated by glass. Ensure safety and hygiene. In order not to make the front too monotonous, we use light logo and give it a space. The color of the inserted light bar is the same as that of teh column. Use wood grain venner on the surface to make the cabinet look more natural. Insert a glass cabinet in the middle of the front counter. You can put in food models or whatever you want to show.

The top is put some light box posters and TV. If customers cannot see what you do, you can make some light box posters like this kiosk. The back counter just have a double pool water tank. The design takes into account the location of the customer’s mall. This kiosk has a wall behind it. So there’s no glass. The design must take in to account the mall factor. Pay attention to whether it is against teh wall or whether there are pillars. Sometime the shape of the kiosk has to be designed according to the space of the mall. So before we go into design we want to make sure that we know what the special cases are so that we don’t make any mistakes.

All of our products are desiged and customized according to your requirements. So if you have other size, shape and ideas, you can tell us. Then we will deisgn a kiosk you need. The price is based on the size and style. So we don’t know the exact price until we finish the design. Any questions, please come to consult.