Ice shave kiosk design

Ice shave kiosk design

If you are thinking about opening an ice creamkiosk, you probably have many questions. Some of those questions may include:

How much money do I need to open an ice cream kiosk?

What kind of ice cream equipment do I need?

How much money can I make the first year?


As the professional manufacturer and experienced business project planner, we will provide your a Comprehensive Solution ! Some equipments of the Ice cream kiosk Ice cream Display Showcase ;Cash register ;Bar Table ;Assembling Decks Working Table ;Fryer Manual Sealing Machine ;Assembling1-sink Hand wash ;food mixer Ice blender;Juicer Ice creamcrispy machine; Ice cream machine ; Ice maker ;Refrigerator working Table; Ice crusher;Milk shaker we are happy to any suggestion from your need.

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